“In order to change an industry, we must first believe we can “

About Us

Eredox is a Business Intelligence (BI) software is targeted towards owners of major capital programs, but its content is applicable to all entities or stakeholders involved with major projects and company functionality. The intent of the Eredox is to develop an enterprise software using blockchain technology for managing and controlling small, medium and large capital projects based on the experience of the project professionals. Together with our simplified solution, we offer a sound approach to answer the questions most frequently asked by project owners.

As a uniquely developed software designed to unify all business departments, Project Management, Estimating, Safety Management, Quality Management, Human Resources, Asset Management, and Environmental Management under one reporting, collaborating system and one digital data storage system combines a peer-to-peer network with blockchain technology to create the world’s first decentralised storage platform for our clients Data through Hyperledger. Eredox delivers a lower cost, integrated solution which will accommodate the customer’s departmental needs.

Change brings opportunities. We love to imagine how digital services will be in a construction industry world even more interconnected and interactive, or how smart Eredox products will be used in the daily life in Construction, and our new software technologies will make this possible. We are committed to creating excellent business opportunities for our clients and our Investors with creativity and determination. Construction companies, to make a smart use of ICTs (information and communications technology) combined with BIM (Business Intelligence Management) that provide unique experiences to our users.

Alf Delli Fiori

Alfonso Delli Fiori, CEO, Founder has over 39 years of professional experience both as an employee and as a successful entrepreneur with 2 successful Start-ups For most of his career he has worked in the construction industry leading projects in the infrastructure, resources and mining sectors. He has also established and successfully operated several construction businesses.

Alfonso holds an Advanced Diploma in Project Management and an MBA from the University of Wollongong. His particular strengths are in team leadership, company turnarounds and technological innovations. He has a strong financial focus. During his career Alfonso has also developed a good exit and a pool of valuable contacts in various industries, which will be of paramount importance for business development at Eredox.

Dylan Curtis

Dylan Curtis, COO (Chief Operating Officer), Co-Founder has over 20 years Business Development experience with heavy emphasis on Business-To-Business sales in the construction and transportation industries.  He has a proven track record with sustained growth in a range of industries over the past 20 years.

Dylan also has over 10 years management/team leadership experience in both sales and operational capacities His most recent success was leading a team of 50 as Group Operations Manager with Coast and Country Buses between 2012 and 2018 during which time he was responsible for a 300% increase in non-contract business whilst also overseeing upgrades to the company’s operational systems and operating/reporting programs.

As a Chief Operating Officer and the key role as Co-Founder Dylan responsibilities will be the organisation’s ongoing operations and procedures. As the second-in-command and responsible for the efficiency of the business and a member of the senior management team, Dylan is the key player in implementing business strategies, plans and procedures and set comprehensive goals for performance and growth and will be key to promote company culture and vision and oversee daily operations of the company and the work of executives (IT, Marketing, Sales, Finance etc.) Dylan has been key in fundraising ventures and also paramount for the development of Eredox.

Our Values

Eredox is a values-based organisation. This means we use values to define and identify a preferred behaviour practice that each person in our organisation subscribes to.

Consequently, we use values to share with everyone what we believe in, what we will accept, what we will stand up for and how we perform on a daily basis. The following values underpin all of Eredox services:

  • Care for our people by daring to challenge them – You are only as successful as you make others
  • Be honest with yourself and others – Say what you think and what you feel
  • Take what we do seriously, but not ourselves – Have fun by doing well

Our Mission

Our fundamental mission is to provide a unified BI system to our customers. We serve in a manner consistent with the highest ideals within our industry and take advantage of those technological advancements which will help us succeed in that endeavour.

Our Vision

Integral to our three core values is our overwhelming determination to be the leaders in our industry. This is not in a financially-measured context, but Eredox emphasis on our responsibility to our clients that drives us to relentlessly seek improved, innovative and diversified solutions.

  • Innovation is our product – Innovate at every opportunity
  • Make a difference by thinking differently – Never stop questioning
  • Challenge the status quo – It’s not just a right, it’s an obligation
  • Be gutsy, make it happen
  • Assume it’s up to you – Excellence is our standard
  • Love the client – Be passionate about helping our clients and their core business
  • Own the business – Make our company’s promises personal
  • Be your best, do your best – Be your own harshest critic

Our Goals

Short to medium term goals

  1. Establish Eredox as a professional and credible Business intelligence service provider.
  2. Establish Eredox presence in all major Construction Companies in Australia.
  3. Achieve profitability in the first year of trading.
  4. Maintain operating costs within 20% of gross sales by Year 3
  5. Dedicate a sufficient budget to marketing and advertising in order to keep the company services in the public view.
  6. Secure contracts with corporate clients in Australia and overseas
  7. Establish Eredox presence in two or three major international interconnection hubs overseas.

Long-term goal

  1. Eredox as part of a standard company procedure.