Eredox provides all the elements needed to build a plan from workload, constraints between tasks, and resource availability.


Create activities as a planned task, or includes other activities. set durations and costs that are assigned to one or more resources.

View all Activities on the Gantt Planning view.

Quickly identify potential issues and their impact to schedule and budgets. Avoid unwanted surprises with better project visibility.

Project overview gives a complete picture of any outstanding items 

Track all steps and speed up the approval process


Create Resources internal and external that can be assigned to activities.

 Resources enter their time spent on the Real work allocation.

This allows for a real-time monitoring of work.

Have the ability to recalculate schedule taking into account the actual progress on each task.

The planning is based on all the constraints defined:

  • work left on each activity
  • availability of resources
  • Monitor and recalculate rate of resources to projects and assignment rate of resources to activities
  • planning mode for each activity (as soon as possible, fixed duration, … )
  • dependencies between activities
  • priorities of activities and projects

The planning is displayed as a Gantt chart.


All elements related to delays can also be followed as costs (from resources work) and managing other expenses all costs of the project are monitored and can generate invoices.The Project is the main entity of Eredox.

In addition to tracking work on projects, Eredox can track the costs associated with this work.

Work assigned to resources on activities is converted into associated costs.

To calculate the cost of work Eredox defines the Resource cost.

This cost may vary depending on the role of the resource and may change over time.

 Projects expenses can also record expenses not related to resource costs (purchase, lease, sub-contracting)

Individual expenses can record expenses generated by a given resource.

Eredox can manage various financial elements found on a project: Quotation (proposals), Orders (received from customers), the invoicing Terms and Bills.

Eredox Overview

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