Eredox Whitepaper

Eredox Construction Business Intelligence Blockchain Design Philosophy and Consensus
using Smart Contract

This is the first Whitepaper in a series of papers from the Eredox Steering Committee
Group (ESCG). These papers describe a generalised reference architecture for permissioned blockchain networks and share the recommendations of the Eredox Architecture (ESCG) with the end goal of guiding all Eredox projects towards modular designs. These papers also serve as a resource for blockchain interested parties in using permissioned blockchain networks. In this initial paper, we aim to:

  • Outline the overarching Eredox design philosophy for permissioned blockchain

  • Explain how our approach optimises the development of flexible, interoperable
    enterprise blockchain technologies. Identify the core permissioned blockchain network components that the Eredox

  • Steering Committee Group (ESCG) has been and will continue to define through its work.
    Provide a generalised reference architecture for consensus.

  • Explore how each Eredox business blockchain framework manifests the reference

Forthcoming papers in this series will expand the Eredox generalised reference
architecture to include the following business blockchain components: Smart Contract
Layer, Communication Layer, Data Store Abstraction, Crypto Abstraction, Identity
Services, Policy Services, APIs, and Interoperation.


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