Contract administration involves managing your contracts to make sure you comply with and fulfil the contract conditions that include General Conditions and Specific Conditions agreed between the parties. Good contract administration ensures customer satisfaction and minimises disputes. where we are able to take a project from feasibility through to completion dealing with all aspects of the delivery of a development project by minimizing that disputes.

Eredox will provide smart legal contracts (SLC) for construction with the use of Blockchain technology containing smart clauses from the General Conditions of Contract (GC’s) and Special Conditions of Contract( SCC’s) that self-execute if specified contract conditions are met within a project and/or business.


Eredox’s smart construction contract, blockchain technology is developed to implement the terms of and administer the contract and its costs. The Eredox platform collates and process information about the progress of the project, and, subject to the agreed terms as translated into code, execute a specified action.

  • General Australian Conditions of Contract (AS 4000 – 1997)
  • Australian Special Conditions of Contract (AS 2124 – 1992)
  • Australian General Conditions of Tendering (AS 2125 – 1992)
  • Form of Formal Instrument of Agreement (AS 2127 -1992)
  • Any extra General conditions of Contract dependent on state or territory
  • Any extra Special conditions of contract dependent on state or territory
  • Project specifications